WP2 – Exploration and Mapping

It falls to the second work package (WP2) to create a systematic mapping of the structural starting points of RESILIENCE, as well as summarizing decider data in order to create a synergetic effect within the elements of the research infrastructure as well as between consortium partners.

There is no such thing as a complete register of centres for digital humanities, tools and databases related to religious studies. Therefor it also falls to WP2 to collect existing lists and determine which areas need to be fleshed out. Due to this approach, RESILIENCE will be able to expand on existing projects on both a national and international level.


  • To identify the needs of researchers in the field of religious studies and its infrastructures especially regarding access to experts, specialist knowledge and (digital) collections and tools.
  • To connect with different stakeholder communities as well as with formally established research infrastructures such as EHRI, DARIAH and CLARIN and technical infrastructures such as European Open Science Cloud (EOSC);
  • To acquire the users’ perspective and clarify the given conditions and resources on which RESILIENCE has recourse to;
  • To create a basis of material, that can serve as input for WP3 infrastructure design and data management and for the business model for WP7.