WP8 – Governance, Access Policy and Human Resources Management

The objective of the eighth Work Package (WP8) is to elaborate and refine a governance model for all stakeholders that join the RESILIENCE activities during its preparatory, implementation and operational phases.

Academic governance is defined as a set of regulations, systems and procedures which guarantee the success, sustainability and reliability of research and educational endeavours, including peer-review of academic output, independent evaluation of scholars, monitoring of consortium decisions, and analysing failures and progress.

Furthermore, RESILIENCE as a multinational research infrastructure requires a consistent and diversity-conscious human resources policy, as well as a cross-institutional management of user access, which will be defined in two additional documents. RESILIENCE will draw on academic expertise within the institutions currently participating but also include external know-how.

There is a high degree of mutual dependence between WP8 and the management (WP1), exploration (WP2) and data management (WP3) work packages. Surveying existing academic governance models such as the OECD guidelines for “international distributed research infrastructures” (2014) and the European Union’s “legal framework for a European Research Infrastructure Consortium” (ERIC), this WP defines the roles which each partner plays in the implementation of RESILIENCE’s goals and ensure transparency towards the EU and potential users.