About Us


The Volos Academy for Theological Studies is included among the recognized Greek research centers by the Law 4310/2014 (“Research, Technological Development and Innovation and other provisions”) of the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. The Volos Academy for Theological Studies functions as an open forum of thought and dialogue between the Orthodox Church and the broader scholarly community of intellectuals worldwide, organizing a series of studies, international seminars, conferences, roundtables and publications.


The Library of the Volos Academy was founded in January 2008. The purpose of the Library is to provide adults with an environment where they can read and search for information (reading room). It is addressed mainly to theologians – teachers, to special groups of people such as clergy, researchers and students of undergraduate and postgraduate departments. It possesses a rich collection of rare and valuable editions in many languages (consisting of approximately 50,000 units – books, newspapers and periodicals). As the collection grows, books on philosophy, theology, social sciences as well as Byzantine art and culture are given priority. The OPAC is available on Volos Academy’s website.