About Us

New Georgian University was founded with the blessing of Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia and with the effort of the Metropolitan of Poti and Khobi Grigoli (Berbichashvili).

On 14 December, 2015, the university received state authorization and accreditation and was granted the status of university, which gives it the opportunity to implement higher educational programs and scientific researches. New Georgian University is offering MA and PhD Programs in Christian Philosophy, and Christian Psychology. In 2021, the university received state authorization and accreditation for another 6 years.


The library houses collections of theological and philosophical literature in Georgian and foreign languages. Under the direction of the Archive of Caucasian Philosophy and Theology the library is periodically enriched with private book collections of philosophers and theologians from the Caucasus region. The digital section of the library contains up to 70 000 digital books.



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