Benefits for TNA Users @Bar-Ilan

A TNA stay at Bar-Ilan will bring you certain benefits.*

You will:

  • receive access to the Central Library, Faculty of Humanities Library, and Faculty of Jewish Studies Library, possessing collections on:
    • Jewish Studies including studies of the Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls and Second Temple Literature, Rabbinic Literature, the various types of Medieval Literature, Hasidut, and of the Modern and Contemporary periods;
    • Jewish Intellectual History, Jewish Philosophy, and Kabbala;
    • Rare book collections of the Central Library;
    • Research data bases and digital resources ;
  • be supported in your research and stay by a local expert tailored to your research interests and expertise;
  • study archaeology and material culture of the Land of Israel in its various periods.
  • get access to and training in using the database of the Responsa Project.
  • get access to databases on Judaism, Jewish Philosophy, Talmud and Oral Law, Archaeology and Arabic Language and Culture.

Travel and accommodation costs are not included in the fellowship and are the responsibility of the participant.


*In the present circumstances and until further notice, we cannot facilitate research visits at Bar-Ilan University via the TNA Programme.