Architects of Our Own Research Infrastructure

16 March 2020

"What is RESILIENCE?", "What do you do?" and "I can't imagine what it is going to be." These are some of the reactions we get, when the conversation turns to RESILIENCE.

These reactions are understandable, because RESILIENCE, a European research infrastructure for all religious studies, is still in the design phase. That is why sometimes it is not easy for people outside the academic world to imagine how the future research infrastructure will look like, although the RESILIENCE partners do know where they are heading.

A Future Research Infrastructure

It is like the work of an architect: He or she does not immediately have a set of specifications ready. The architect first has to make an overall design, a plan and a budget, and then secure finances and consult with stakeholders. RESILIENCE’s partners are also busy in this way during these weeks. They are the architects of their own infrastructure: They make a design, make an inventory, define all the services that the different partners can provide and estimate the future cost. They also raise funds, every partner in their own country. In doing so, the RESILIENCE partners try to focus the picture of this infrastructure in order to make it sharper and sharper.


For future users, the services that RESILIENCE is going to offer are particularly interesting; and of course, so is what they will get out of them.

– Karla Boersma, Theological University of Apeldoorn

In the coming months you will be able to learn more about the services of RESILIENCE and the creation of a new research infrastructure on religious studies.