Knowledge as the Antidote to Religious Global Warming

18 March 2020

How do we end the religious global warming produced in the current religious climate, which creates room for violent extremism? Find out in this short blog by Alberto Melloni of Foundation for Religious Studies John XXIII, Bologna.

Religious climate produces a religious global warming which offers room and roots to violent extremism; it changes the proportions between confessional components and spiritual moods. And it challenges the religious policy of the public decision-makers both at a national and a supranational level.

A Solid Construction of Knowledge Prevents Religious Global Warming

The only antidote to this drift is knowledge, or rather: the slow, solid building of knowledge. And this is the driving force behind our work: RESILIENCE is a medium-term target which wants a new legal entity to be established; an establishment the countries need to become reinforced and stable, and without which religious analphabetism (on which violent propaganda takes root) will not be taken care of and will become incurable.

Alberto Melloni, Foundation for Religious Studies John XXIII, Bologna.