Treasures from Eastern Europe: the Gazi Husraw Bey’s Library

15 June 2020

Founded in 1537, the The Gazi Husraw Bey's Library in Sarajevo is the oldest cultural institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It contains Oriental manuscripts, Ottoman documents, archives, rare books and more.

Frequent conflicts in the Balkans have taken their toll not only on human lives and property, but also on intellectual and cultural heritage of the region. Many libraries, archives, precious artifacts have gone in flames or been looted beyond recovery. The National Library and the manuscript collection of the Oriental Institute in Sarajevo are just two examples.

Fortunately, some of those treasures have evaded the destruction. One of those is the Gazi Husraw Bey’s Library (Gazi Husrevbegova biblioteka) in Sarajevo. Its collection of Oriental manuscripts and Ottoman documents, its archives, and rare books are one of the biggest and most precious of its kind outside Turkey.


More on the library and its facilities at the link below and in the movie documenting its survival. Currently the English version of the Library’s website is under construction and should be up soon.

More on the Library

– Ahmet Alibasic, University of Sarajevo