RESILIENCE TNA Fellowship Selection Criteria

Main Selection and Ranking Criteria

  1. Research quality of the proposal.
  2. Originality of the research activity.
  3. User demonstrates a record of academic excellence.
  4. The research project is expected to lead to academic output.
  5. The project is relevant to RESILIENCE.

Extra Criteria

  1. The project has a woman group leader or principal investigator, or the gender balance within the group members is fulfilled, or it includes a specific focus on gender issues.
  2. The project is led by a young scholar who aims to significantly improve his training in humanities and particularly in historical religious studies.
  3. The project is proposed by a user who belongs to a country with limited or no access to (re)sources in Religious Studies.
  4. The project requires a strong integration between the access to special collections and the use of digital tools.
  5. The project is interdisciplinary in nature, or demonstrates a need for intersectoral collaboration.