Our Collections

The collections of the university include digital resources of Old Bulgarian texts with religious content, Cyrillomethodiana, a digital library of the manuscript of Zograph Monastery on Mount Athos, and E-MEDIEVALIA, as well as physical collections containing Greek and Oriental manuscripts.

Digital Collections

Digital Resources of Old Bulgarian Texts

HISTDICT is a unique electronic infrastructure containing a corpus of digitally typed Old Bulgarian texts with religious content (up to 140 with over a million word forms), the digitized Old Bulgarian Dictionary, a reversed Greek-Old Bulgarian Dictionary, based on the e-version of the above mentioned dictionary, and the Historical Dictionary of Bulgarian language with the respective software for creating and editing dictionary entries.

The Historical Dictionary is a developing resource that contains a Grammatical Dictionary with paradigms shown at each processed inflective entry. The infrastructure includes the following tools for processing electronic resources:

  • Specialized Unicode Old Bulgarian (OCS) fonts with a convertor.
  • Virtual keyboard for typing OCS texts
  • Searching Engine
  • Open access source (dictionary software excluded)

Cyrillomethodiana includes a Virtual Library with downloadable electronic publications of books related to the fields of Slavic Studies and Religion and an electronic space for auto-publishing. Open access source.

Zograph Monastery on Mount Athos

The Digital library of the manuscript of Zograph Monastery on Mount Athos (SLAV), including also the part of Slavonic mss collection of Vatican Library and some other manuscripts. The contracts between SU and the respective libraries allow only physical contacts with the digital copies through a computer located in SU premises.


E-MEDIEVALIA is an electronic teaching and learning platform that contains 24 interactive courses in Medieval languages (Old Bulgarian (OCS), Byzantine Greek and History of Bulgarian), Literature, History, Medieval Arts, Philosophy and Theology. The courses of Old Bulgarian, History of Bulgarian and Old Bulgarian Literature are also available in English. Only authorized access to the courses.

Physical Collections

Manuscript collections kept in the Center for Slavo-Byzantine Studies “Prof. Ivan Dujčev” represent all written traditions of the Balkans in the broad chronological range from the 9th to the 19th century. This manuscript heritage includes the largest collection of Greek manuscripts in Bulgaria (460 in total), 126 Slavic manuscripts, and over 250 Oriental (Turkish and Arabic) codices and fragments.

Greek Manuscripts

The Greek parchment manuscripts number more than 200. A “codex unicus” is kept in the library. This is the Gospel Lectionary, written by the scribe Anastatios with two full-length miniatures of the evangelists from the end of the 9th c. Many of the manuscripts are of Constantinople origin and represent the so-called Bluetenblattstil, which is the style of luxury manuscripts for emperors and patriarchs. There are manuscripts in Laubsagelstill and also many codices with a musical notation. A manuscript made of palimpsest sheets of parchment is stored in the collection. The earlier lower layer of the late 9th c., contains the earliest version of the menaion. Other manuscripts, attracting the attention of researchers are Physiologist with illustrations (a copy from the 17th c.) and an illustrated copy of the Prophecies of Leo the Wise from the 16th century.

Oriental Manuscripts

The personal collection of Oriental manuscripts of Prof. Ivan Dujcev, has been digitalized and is accessible both in situ and online. The photo archive of Prof. Asen Vasiliev containing some 4000 items (cultural-historical monuments photographed between WWI and WWII) has also been digitized and accessible to interested researchers.