The AAB is one of the most extensive archives in Bologna, containing many documents that are interesting for Religious Studies because most of them come from ecclesiastic institutions.

Records and Archives

The Archive preserves records of the Archbishop (Mensa, Segreteria, Visite pastorali, etc.), of the Curia (Cancellerie, Fori, etc.), and of the Cathedral’s Chapter (Archivio Capitolare, Fondo Musicale, etc.). It also houses archives of parishes (mainly suppressed), private archives (Raccolta Breventani, Fondo Baroni, Archivio Acquaderni, etc.), miscellaneous fonds (Miscellanee Vecchie, Ricuperi Beneficiari, etc.) and businesses (L’Avvenire d’Italia). Since 2021, the entire collection of L’avvenire d’Italia, which is the most important Catholic newspaper in Italy, has become available online from its inception in 1896 to 1968.

Specialistic Library

The AAB has also established a specialistic library, which has the purpose of helping scholars in their archival investigations. For this reason, the library’s heritage is constantly growing. It holds thousands of volumes, from local publications to significant academic works on the history of Bologna and its Church. In more recent times, it acquired the ancient part of the Cappuccini friars’ library: nearly 10,000 books from the 16th to 18th century, now available on the OPAC system here. 

Institutional Ecclesiastical History

In conclusion, most of the AAB’s cultural heritage lies in institutional ecclesiastical history (bishops, canons, parishes, etc.). Still, it often intersects with various other interests, such as the application of the Tridentine Council, the Church during the World Wars, modernism, Catholic citizens after Italian Reunification, and significant Catholic scholars in urban and national contexts.


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