Our Collections

1. E-study

The e-study is the new Digital Orthodox Theological Library, with free access to books, scholarly journals, edited volumes and yearbooks, monographs and theological essays. It is easily accessible and completely free from the office and home, as well as mobile appliances. The digital collection consists of 142 books and 21 journals (yearbooks and rare journals included). The digitalisation continues rapidly and the list is continuously updating. The e-study provides:

  • access to theological material remained inaccessible until now, eg Incunabula theological works of 16th-19th century. – access to theological articles – books newly released
  • ability to find theological books with the summary available in English and soon French.
  • www.imdlibrary.gr

2. Book Donations from Greek and Italian Theologians, Professors and Bishops

The donations include rare material (Greek and English books and journals) from the 19th and early 20th century.

3. SYNDESMOS Archives – The Archive from the Greek Branch of “Syndesmos”

SYNDESMOS is the World Fellowship of Orthodox Youth. It was founded as a federation of Orthodox youth movements and theological schools around the world. The organization worked under the blessing of all the local canonical Churches to serve the Church by promoting unity, witness, and renewal. Syndesmos, in Greek, means bond of unity and takes its name from Saint Paul’s letter to the Ephesians 4:3.