News 20 May 2023

Riad Ghobrial: A Hub Like RESILIENCE Would Make Things a Lot Easier

During an insightful session at the "RESILIENCE Meets Researchers from Greece" meeting, Riad Ghobrial and his whife Myrto Theocharous presented their research, the tools they use and their ideas on how a research infrastructure could help them overcome challenges.

Riad Ghobrial is working on sacramental and liberation theology from a Coptic perspective. Besides the problem that it is hard for him to do field research, he faces several issues related to translations and mapping of research centres. He sees great efforts in different institutions, but scholars are not always aware of what other’s have realized.  Riad: “This may be a task for RESILIENCE: making  research data and results visible and available to e wider scholarly world.”

His wife Myrto Theocharous, doing research on Hebrew and Old Testament, adds that researchers mostly work alone. Connections with other researchers are needed: face-to-face meeting with peers are highly valuable for reasons of getting feedback, sharing research, helping each other, etc.

As to Riad: “In general, a hub like RESILIENCE would make things a lot easier.”

Meeting scholars and learning about their individual situation while doing research is very important to RESILIENCE, to be able to further develop the service cataologue. As to the problems Riad and Myrto are facing, Lieneke Timpers (KU Leuven) answered: “This is exactly where RESILIENCE is about: we want to serve you in the best possible way.”