News 25 June 2024

Bar-Ilan Joins International Academics to Ignite Intellectual Discourse

Daniel Schuval, Director of Academic Partnerships and Projects at Bar-Ilan University’s International School, participated in EuARe's annual conference in May 2024 and contributed to the RESILIENCE sponsored PhD Forum. Read his impressions of the events here.

“Our participation in the conference showed our strong commitment to advancing religious scholarship and contributing to the global academic community,” said Daniel Schuval, Senior Advisor for Internationalization at Bar-Ilan University’s International School. “It also helped us forge collaborative partnerships with other institutions and discuss expanding our joint doctoral programs.” Schuval has managed BIU’s role in the project since it began in May 2023.

Bar-Ilan University, which sits in the top two percent of universities worldwide, boasts the largest Faculty of Jewish Studies globally, with many professors and faculty members who have received accolades for their research and contribution to the field of religion.

Read more on Bar-Ilan’s website.

Watch here Daniel Duval’s contribution to the PhD Forum: