News 27 March 2024

Developing the RESILIENCE Training Programme: Where to Start and Where to Go?

Team members of RESILIENCE partners involved in the development of the future RESILIENCE training programme discussed at a workshop in Leipzig today the questions: where to start and where to go?

Training Framework

One of RESILIENCE’s tasks is to develop a training framework, allowing the later establishment of future training programmes. The RESILIENCE training programme is an important service, which is why this workshop was organised with the aim of gaining more clarity on how to develop the training programme.

Where to Start?

In fact, RESILIENCE does not have to start from scratch: much material, knowledge, insights and experiences are already available from earlier phases of the research infrastructure. In addition, from the current phase, necessary data has already been collected that will be used to develop the framework, like a training competence matrix, presenting each partner’s competences. Besides, during the workshop different ideas were gathered on how to understand the task and what a framework could look like. For the moment the framework is defined as a desk study, allowing the definition of the later and final versions of the program.

Where to Go?

The ultimate aims and results of the training framework were also discussed. After some discussion, agreement was reached on the framework itself, how it looks like and what can one do with it, so that after internal approval the team can work on prototyping, testing and evaluating. Another workshop may be necessary for realizing this.

Going the Pathway

While going down the pathway, there will be also plenty of work to do, like involving partner competences and preparing the prototyping of the trainings. By always taking the different steps together and aligning the development of the training framework with the results of the other teams, the path will become increasingly clear. In this context, the fact that the various partners have so much to offer to create a varied training program is encouraging.