News 12 May 2022

Discovering and Understanding Rare Manuscripts of Albania

Wednesday, May 11, 2022, students and researchers from “Albanian University” visited the Rare Manuscripts department of the General Directorate of Archives.

Rare Manuscripts of Religious Traditions in Albania

Specialist of this department Sokol Çunga dhe Rezart Mezani presented the rare manuscripts of religious traditions in Albania and how they have been stored up to today, their historical and scientifical value, as well as the used materials, writing techniques, their restauration and special storage in the rare manuscript department in the General Directorate of Archives.


The visit was a follow up of a webinar on February 17, organized in collaboration, and concretized for the participants the information previously received through it.

Restauration and Understanding

The manuscripts revived special interest for the students, that expressed the interest to come back in the General Directorate of Archives, to know better the restauration techniques of the manuscripts and to understand them better from the scientific and historical point of view.

Discovering the Manuscripts Yourself?

All interested scholars and researchers in the rare religious manuscripts in Albania can check the website of the General Directorate of Archives, or contact Genta Rexha of Albanian University via email.