News 26 February 2024

Discussing Interreligious Coexistence and Interreligious Dialogue in Albania

Strenghtening relations with religious communities is an important element of Albanian University's strategy. Last week's event, organized in collaboration with the Albanian Interreligious Council, focused on interreligious coexistence and interreligious dialogue in Albania.

Treasures of Albanian Culture

The activity, being a joint activity of Albanian University and the Albanian Inter-Religious Council, was held February 21, 2024 at AU library in Tirana. In her welcome speech Prof. Dr. Kaliopi Naska pointed out the engagement of “Albanian University” in the European  project RESILIENCE, which together with several Albanian religious communities is attracting attention towards culture, cultural heritage and history, making evident values created and preserved in the course of centuries in Albania. The research infrastructure will shed light on treasures of the Albanian religious culture. According to Prof. Naska, this project is the best opportunity to promote the traditions worldwide, offering Albanian and European scholars the possibility to further learn and develop studies on Albanian history.

History of Interreligious Coexistence in Albania: Progress and Challenges

Furthermore, the activity focused on the presentation of Assoc.Prof. Dr. Genti Kruja, lecturer at Bedër University, who talked about the History of Interreligious Coexistence in Albania: Progress and Challenges. He presented documents explaining the progress of the interreligious coexistence in Albania and the challenges for interreligious dialogue.

Thanks to his study and scientific publications in this field, participation in numerous national and international conferences, and in his capacity as an external expert of OSCE/ODIHR for freedom of faith and as President of European National Interreligious Bodies, Religions for Peace Europe, he brought in European experiences in this field. Thereby he highlighted the increase of dialogue focusing on religious diversity, as well as a growing challenge for the European society and a need for mutual understanding of peaceful coexistence.

Participating students and lecturers were very pleased with the scientific aspects presented and had the opportunity to gain precious knowledge on interreligious coexistence in Albania.

At the end of this presentation, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Genti Kruja donated to AU library his monography History of Inter-Religious Dialogue, published in 2023.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Genti Kruja (left) and Prof. Dr. Kaliopi Naska (right)

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