News 14 November 2022

Discussing the Impact of RESILIENCE in Albania and Kosovo

RESILIENCE was present at the International Interdisciplinary Conference "The role of Technology in the Shaping of Society” and had the opportunity to discuss the impact of a research infrastructure for Religious Studies in Albania and Kosovo.

In the scientific session on “Culture, arts, public sphere and communication”, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Genta Rexha, Dr. Gilberta Hadaj and Dr. Elisabeta Shehu had the opportunity to present to the attendees the research infrastructure, its objectives, and progress so far.

The attendees expressed particular interest in the project’s results and the long-term impact that interaction with RESILENCE will have on scientific researchers, religious communities, and decision-makers.

The Balkans are a good example of the coexistence of different religions. The attendees expressed their concern about the growing use of religion related arguments, resulting in all kinds of conflicts, and if and how RESILIENCE can impact this. RESILIENCE’s response to this was, that it wants to increase awareness of research-based information on religions and to spread knowledge about religious pluralism and its challenges.

The conference was organized by the Albanian Sociological Association in cooperation with the School of Leadership and other partners, at the “Kadri Zeka” University, Gjilan, Kosovo.

Visual, left to righ: Dr. Gilberta Hadaj, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Genta Rexha, and Dr. Elisabeta Shehu.