Event 28 April 2022

Do we Need a Research Infrastructure? RESILIENCE & Early Modern Christianity

05 May 2022

May 5, RESILIENCE will meet publishers and scholars at the Eleventh Annual REFORC Conference on Early Modern Christianity. At a roundtable the question will be discussed how RESILIENCE can serve research on Early Modern Christianity, also in light of current developments in the field of book publishing.

Francesca Cadeddu, executive director of RESILIENCE, will present the Research Infrastructure and its possibilities for Early Modern Christianity research. Other participants of the roundtable are: Albrecht Döhnert (De Gruyter), Jörg Persch (Brill Deutschland GmbH) and Zsombor Tóth (Research Center for the Humanities in Budapest).

The roundtable is organized by REFORC, the Reformation Consortium, in the framework of its Eleventh Annual REFORC Conference on Early Modern Christianity. 

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