News 08 April 2024

Documented Use Cases – 1st Batch

Another RESILIENCE deliverable has been published: Documented Use Cases - 1st Batch. The document presents the evolution of the archetypes, the use cases based on the user stories and the objectives in relation to the user (functional) requirements.

Evolution of the Archetypes

In an earlier phase of RESILIENCE, 8 so-called archetypes were defined. They were chosen to enable an empathic perspective towards the needs of the community, demonstrate use cases, and lead to custom-tailored service design. Thanks to WP3’s work, a refinement could be made here.

Use Cases Based on the User Stories

The most frequently mentioned user needs in quantitative terms were “Accessibility” (with 15% of the responses),  “Networking/Mobility/Transnational Access” (14%) and “Research Data Management” (10%), closely followed by “Scientific Support” (8%) for which six use cases have been defined. These use cases resulting from the user stories can be used efficiently to define user requirements and functional requirements for existing and future RESILIENCE services. Thee deliverable contains six of these use cases.

Goals and Objectives

For each use case a SMART goal is defined, whereas the document also provices general objectives for the work to do related to use cases in  RESILIENCE’s Preparatory Phase (2022-2026).

Deliverable D3.3

Download here Deliverable D3.3, Documented Use Cases – 1st Batch.