News 24 February 2023

Doing Research in Religious Studies in the Balkans: Limitations and Gems

Ahmet Alibašić (Sarajevo) and Herman Selderhuis (Apeldoorn) met in Apeldoorn, and had an interesting discussion on doing research in their countries, and also on why a research infrastructure like RESILIENCE is needed.

According to Ahmet Alibašić , “doing research in Religious Studies in the Balkans is quite different from doing it in Western Europe, where Religious Studies have been established as a research field for some time now. Fragmentation, lack of funding are challenges, but there also compensations.

He emphasized that there are also gems, “both in terms of materials and experts. We hope that RESILIENCE will enable them, offer them opportunities and to get to be known by their colleagues from around.”

Watch the whole discussion here: