News 08 March 2024

First Batch of Workshop Proceedings Ready

The first batch of proceedings of four RESILIENCE workshops is ready in the form of Deliverable D3.1. The document highlights the design, strategy, guidelines and structure of the workshops with researchers and librarians, as well as the data collected.


An important element of the strategy was the development of guidelines for group interviews and inverviews with individual researchers. These guidelines proved very valuable to those who conducted the interviews. The training offered on conducting interviews in qualitative research was also highly valued.  In general, the experiences of the interviewers were very positive, some critical comments were turned into points of improvement.


In the past year, workshops were held in Sofia, Volos, Ljubljana and Münster, whereby in total 32 persons from various academic disciplines were interviewed. In addition to the interviews, presentations by RESILIENCE team and by the interviewees themselves were an important part of the workshops. Researchers and librarians were mainly invited to the workshops, as they are among the main target audience of our research infrastructure.

Data Collected

A wide range of different data was collected in the workshops. This data shows the diversity of the participants, the presentations given by the participants., and interviews conducted with the participants.

Next Steps

Among the next steps are the improvement of the strategy,  the organization of future workshops in other places in Europe, like Zürich and Paris, as well as the planning of future interviews.

Deliverable D3.1

You can access the deliverable here. The deliverable is content wise related to Deliverable D3.5 User Stories Catalogue, first batch, which can be accessed here.