News 25 June 2022

Kick-off Preparatory Phase RESILIENCE

RESILIENCE started its Preparatory Phase (2022-2026) with a physical kick-off meeting in Bologna on June 23/24, 2022, whereby scholars and other professionals from the consortium partners were present.

In the two-day physical meeting, scholars and other professionals from the consortium discussed the starting points, principles, challenges, and work to do with each other.

Next Steps

Each workpackage (group of related tasks that lead to a deliverable) was presented by the leader, after which an exchange of views took place and ideas could be shared. In this way, it was possible to map out the next steps over the next four years in order to lay the foundations for the ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium, a separate legal entity in which member states will participate).

In the coming weeks, the plans will be further detailed so that the various teams can get to work on them.

Ongoing Building Process

Building this infrastructure marks the first time that Religious Studies in Europe has gone to a structural program. The team now has to think about the challenges that are there, including technical ones, realizing that in this field there are always new developments and challenges, to which RESILIENCE will have to respond.

RESILIENCE has therefore begun to build something whereby the building process will continue throughout its duration (scheduled through 2055).


Image by Rosalba Sacco: participants of the kick-off meeting