News 29 September 2021

Library of Latin Texts now Searchable via ReIReSearch

An important new dataset, viz the metadata about and links to the works contained in the Library of Latin Texts (LLT) has been added to ReIReSearch, the unified discovery environment RESILIENCE is working on.


The Library of Latin Texts (Brepols/Corpus Christianorum) is the world’s leading database for Latin texts, bringing together works from the beginnings of Latin literature down to the present day. The texts which are incorporated are selected from the best editions available and established according to the best contemporary scholarly practice.


ReIReSearch addresses the growing need of scholars in Religious Studies to discover more data, regardless of location, on a platform where disparate digital resources and databases are searchable in a unified and standardized way.  

The unified discovery environment as developed by the ReIReS project preceding RESILIENCE is further extended and built upon by RESILIENCE. In this way, RESILIENCE will facilitate the long-term sustainability of the discovery environment by taking care of the inclusion of the metadata of new collections, aligning formats, metadata standards, license information and providing a human and machine readable output using the latest semantic web and indexing technologies.


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