News 22 March 2024

Meeting ITSERR’s Personas

Andrea Analog, Ottono Optimist, Piera Planner, and Elisabeth Enabler are some of the persona's developed by ITSERR, presented in an online meeting to the RESILIENCE team.


Personas are schematic representatio of users of the RI, to help developers better understand their needs, pains and behaviours. Andrea Analog, Ottono Optimist, Piera Planner, and Elisabeth Enabler represent, respectively, a 24 year old PhD candidate in contemporary history, a 45 year old researcher in patristic philology , a 32 year old associate professor and a 45 year old librarian. Working with personas has the advantage that software and services can be more tailored to future users. The users defined by ITSERR are researchers, academic teachers and librarians.


ITSERR is the Italian Strengthening of the ESFRI RI RESILIENCE. It is therefore not surprising that there is a close relationship between ITSERR and RESILIENCE. If ITSERR develops something, such as the aforementioned personas and associated methodology, RESILIENCE can make use of it. ITSERR focuses on the Italian context, RESILIENCE goes broader. That means RESILIENCE will be able to use developed methodologies rather than the results of the research.


Antonella Turchetti presented the User Experience Research conducted by Fifth Beat on the personas.

You can watch more in the video below:

From the personas further work can be done collecting user requirements, formulating user stories etc. until the final development of software tools and services.