Event 09 September 2020

Online Presentations Interdisciplinary Polish Research on Broadly Understood Religious Studies

17 September 2020

The Centre for the Study of the Reformation (Faculty of „Artes Liberales”, University of Warsaw) and Koło Kultury Staropolskiej wish to invite you to a series of online seminars. The meetings are aimed at presenting interdisciplinary Polish research on broadly understood Religious Studies.

Each week the invited experts will discuss their chosen issues:

Studying Censorship of the Wujek’s Bible (1599)

7 September 2020: Tadeusz Rubik (University of Warsaw)

In 1584, Polish Jesuits decided to produce a new, Catholic translation of the Bible in order to satisfy the Catholic demand and combat the influence of a considerable number of Protestant interpretations. After receiving the papal approval, the task was carried by friar Jakub Wujek: an educated philologist and theologian. He was, though, accused by some other Jesuits of being too attached to the Greek text, and even of using the Protestant Bible of Brest as a model. The revised text of the Bible was published in 1599 (so called ”Wujek’s Bible”). Comparison of the revised and the original versions reveal a number of changes, aimed mainly to literally render the Vulgate, but also to create negative associations with the Protestants and their teachings.

In his paper, Tadeusz Rubik proposes a consideration of „Wujek’s Bible” censorship as a source of study of the dynamic shifts in various aspects of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth’s culture. I will discuss research perspectives and address such questions as: How does the text reflect the confessional quarrels of the era? What is its’ place in the Polish Jesuits’ programme? What are the most intriguing research problems?

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The series of online seminars will present RESILIENCE as a common platform for various researchers, supporting their international presence.

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