News 05 December 2023

ReIReSearch Has a New Look

ReIReSearch, the unified search discovery environment for Religious Studies, has been updated and has a new look.

ReIResearch was developed by the starting community ReIReS (2018-2021) and was launched in 2020. Since then, several extensions have been added to this search tool for scholars in Religious Studies. The tool was adopted by RESILIENCE as one of its services that is already now available.

New Look

The online environment has been given a new look: it is now clearly recognizable as belonging to RESILIENCE and its (future) service catalogue, whereas also minor improvements have been made. Meanwhile, new features are being worked on which will probably become available during 2024.

More Collections

ReIReSearch is open to include more collections from European institutions, using the principle of open access. If you are interested in offering your collections, you may contact us via email.


Go here to ReIReSearch.