News 31 October 2023

RESILIENCE as an Ecosystem: “Digesting” Resources from Researchers

As Rudy Demo (Fscire) explains in the video, for him RESILIENCE is an ecosystem: using the resources that are coming from different universities, different partners, and digesting it into RESILIENCE, so that they are more available for research.

Rudy Demo: “The resources are more accessible, because we will enrich them with metadata. They will be findable and then we will have training  and webinars that will be made available for the researcher. That’s exactly what one the objectives of RESILIENCE is: to take these  ‘golden nuggets’ that are hidden everywhere in universities and make them available. By what? By having a reference to them. make them findable,  having documentation about them, multilingual  training and all these kind of things, so that  effectively the researcher can be confident in using these high-tech innovative tools.”