News 23 November 2023

RESILIENCE Chooses Zenodo for its Repository Service

In its yesterday’s meeting, the RESILIENCE General Assembly accepted the proposal to choose for Zenodo for its Repository Service.

Repository Service

RESILIENCE’s Repository Service is a service that will be offered in the operational phase to the users of the Research Infrastructure, allowing them to share, curate and publish research data and software. The service is currently under preparation.


Zenodo is a free and open platform for preserving and sharing research output. Roxanne Wyns (KU Leuven/LIBIS) of the Workpackage Services explained, that Zenodo is the best option for RESILIENCE’s repository service. It is in line with RESILIENCE’s service strategy to reuse existing services and it has the advantage of joining the early adopter program for communities. Besides, the user-friendly character, the incorporated FAIR data principles (also adopted by RESILIENCE), and the wide visibility of Zenodo metadata have supported this choice.

HORIZON-ZEN Early Adopter Program

As a next step, RESILIENCE will apply for the HORIZON-ZEN grant. This grant will enhance Zenodo with FAIR-enabling capabilities and support communities.

RESILIENCE Community at Zenodo

A RESILIENCE community, where people can share and access different types of research results, is already accessible at Zenodo.