Event 22 October 2020

RESILIENCE Goes Balkans!

26 November 2020

A Volos Academy Open Webinar, November 26, 2020 about the role of RESILIENCE in the Balkans.


“The Role of RESILIENCE in the Balkans”


Volos Academy for Theological Studies (Greece).


November, 26, 2020, starting 10.30 h Greek time (09.30 h CET).


The Goals of the webinar include:

a) Brief introduction to the scope, objectives and relevance of RESILIENCE for Religious Studies today; the role of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies (for those of the participants not familiar with the project);

b) presentation of the current status of theological and religious studies in Greece and certain Balkan countries today (primary, secondary and tertiary education); University Professors, or project managers speak of their experience in teaching and research and how RESILIENCE infrastructure could enhance and further develop their work;

c) grassroots religious teachers, NGO members, representatives of the major religious traditions in Greece, experts in their field will briefly reflect on how RESILIENCE could facilitate their work and research needs, what tools are useful or necessary to be further developed;

d) through the presentations, participants will take the opportunity to get acquainted with certain physical and digital tools, and practices related to Digital Humanities in the field of Religious Studies provided by RESILIENCE;) future expectations and prospects.


Invited speakers include:

RESILIENCE members (especially from Greece and those from the Balkan countries); representatives of the diverse religious communities in Greece (Jewish, Christians, Muslims); Religious Studies scholars and theologians; certain NGOs’ and Academic Associations’ members. Total estimate number of invited speakers 12-15.


Online Participation.

The Zoom meeting is open to anyone (academics, researchers, Religious Studies scholars, journalists, policy makers etc.) interested in the study of religion today. Prior communication with the host institution (Volos Academy for Theological Studies: Dr. Nikolaos Asproulis) or with one of the RESILIENCE partners is necessary for practical reasons by November 25 the latest.

The Zoom call will be launched a week prior to the event and will be available on the official website of RESILIENCE and through press release and email communication.


2-3 hours, including presentations of 10 minutes with focus on the Balkan area (Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Albania and Poland); brief introduction by the hosts (Volos Academy); presentations by academics in the field of Religious Studies and local religious officers, discussion, etc.