Event 31 August 2022

RESILIENCE Meets Librarians

13 September 2022

RESILIENCE is proud to attend the 50th BETH annual conference on the topic of the future of theological libraries, and to present the research infrastructure RESILIENCE there.


The aim of this presentation is to follow up on the RESILIENCE project which was first introduced at the 2021 BETH Conference, highlighting those services and infrastructures which are especially relevant for BETH.

How to Benefit from a RI

We would like to present several user services which we believe could benefit European Libraries. Last year we presented the Transnational Access Program, which has now been launched, with an initial network of hosts. We believe that many of the BETH institutions could benefit from becoming a TNA host, thereby contributing to a growing physical access network in Europe, as well as the research infrastructure. Other services include ReiReSearch, a search database, Book Heritage Labs, digitization tools, semantic descriptor tools, etc.

Your Feedback

Given that RESILIENCE is fundamentally intended as a service for all institutions related to religion and requires constant input and feedback from users to function optimally, we would, however, like to seize the opportunity of this presentation to also gather feedback on the kind of services and tools you, as theological libraries require. We, therefore, intend to include a free and open discussion at the end of our session, which will help us create more tailored services.


Michiel De Clerck (KU Leuven) and Lieneke Timpers (KU Leuven)


The session is scheduled September 13, 2022, 10.00-11.00 h BST. You will find more on BETH’s website.