Event 31 May 2022

RESILIENCE Meets the Community

22 June 2022

June 22, RESILIENCE will present the research infrastructure for Religious Studies at the EuARe2022 conference in Bologna, and engage with the audience in a discussion about their specific needs, questions, and opinions, etc.

Next Phase

RESILIENCE, the Research Infrastructure in Religious Studies, has reached the next phase: it will receive funding for the further preparation of the services to be offered to the research community. This means that the consortium can continue developing the RI, addressing both the demand of knowledge about religions and of technical tools enhancing that demand.

Available Services

But even now, RESILIENCE is working to make its services available, like Transnational Access Scholarships, providing direct, fast, and effective access to collections, guided by experts, and the ReIReSearch database, where you can search for disparate digital resources and databases related to Religious Studies in a unified and standardized way. In order to be able to prepare all the services, RESILIENCE wants to understand the needs, questions and opinions of the users, starting from the leading question: how can we be of service to you?

Information and Engagement

In this session you will be informed about the RI, its significance and added values, the services that will be offered and the services that are already available. We will also engage with you from the above question, so that an exchange can take place with which we can in turn move forward.


Alberto Melloni (FSCIRE), Francesca Cadeddu (FSCIRE and executive director of RESILIENCE), Roxanne Wyns (KU Leuven/LIBIS, and executive director of RESILIENCE), Nikolaos Asproulis (Volos Academy), Dries Bosschaert (KU Leuven) and Lieneke Timpers (KU Leuven).

Date and time

Wednesday, June 22nd, h 14:15-16:30.

European Academy of Religion

The panel is organized in the framework of EuARe2022, the Fifth Annual Conference of the European Academy of Religion, which will take place in Bologna, June 20-23, 2022.

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