News 05 October 2020

RESILIENCE Services at a Glance

Thanks to the dedicated work of many of our colleagues, we are now able to show you an overview of the services RESILIENCE is going to offer.

What Services Will RESILIENCE Offer?

Religious Studies and theology require a very specific set of tools. These tools include a deep understanding of ancient languages and an ability to interpret religious texts in their context, as well as their historical reception and effect. Additionally, the academic field of studies in religion demands a focused academic approach. Religion continues to  impact individuals, groups, societies, politics, law, ethics and many other areas of life. For this reason, RESILIENCE offers services and competences needed to enhance research on religion as a highly influential phenomenon.

The core services of RESILIENCE has been public knowledge since the RESILIENCE website was launched in february. But we haven’t divulged much about the more specific aspects of the services – until now.

The Services

RESILIENCE provides a multitude of services which are divided into six overarching categories:

  • Research-Enhancing Services
  • Research-Enabling Services
  • Research Data Management
  • Data Center
  • Reference Architecture
  • Innovation Lab
  • Service Center


Each overarching category contains a number of more specific services offers. You can get an idea of what RESILIENCE offers, by consulting the overview here.

The research enhancing services will represent the major part of the future RESILIENCE services. However, the data center will be one of the first services that is going to be developed, because many other services are based on it.