News 03 May 2024

RESILIENCE Third Call for Applications TNA Fellowships Closed

We closed the third call for applications for RESILIENCE TNA (Transnational Access) fellowships. The call resulted in 13 applications from scholars from all over Europe.

The third call for applications for RESILIENCE TNA Fellowship was open from March 15 to May 1, 2024. 13 scholars from in total 9 countries applied for a fellowship at one of the fifteen institutions that are available as a host, indicating their need to visit institutions across national boundaries for conducting their research.


The TNA Hosts will review all applications for their academic quality and relevance. Applicants will be informed of their final decision by RESILIENCE TNA later this month and then our 2023–2024 TNA Fellows can start preparing for their TNA visits at the TNA host of their choice!

Next Calls for Applications TNA Fellowships

The fourth call will be launched October 15, 2024 and closed on December 1, 2024