Event 20 January 2022

RESILIENCE TNA Webinar: The Cardinal Willebrands Papers and Digital Archive Training

28 February 2022

KU Leuven is inviting interested scholars to its TNA Webinar on "The Cardinal Willebrands Papers and Digital Archive Training", February 28, 2022, 13.00-14.00 h CET.

The Willebrands Papers

This webinar will present the recently digitized Willebrands papers located at the Centre of the Study of the Second Vatican Council at the KU Leuven. Cardinal Willebrands was a participant of the Second Vatican Council, well-known for this contributions to ecumenism. The more than 80,000 papers and notes of his personal archives were recently digitized, and added to the Lias search database. In this webinar, we will introduce effective ways of using and exploring this database, training participants in descriptors, search methods, and the larger Lias infrastructure. We will also explore the relevance of the RESILIENCE research infrastructure as related to this specific digitizing project, showcasing the necessity of such an infrastructure for future projects.


The training will focus on the Lias search database: We will first show how to find specific documents within the Willebrands Archives using a few different search strategies, as well as examining the advantages and disadvantages of the database for this specific archive. In the second half of the training we will explore the larger Lias infrastructure, including other available collections such as KADOC and the World Council of Churches. Here too, we will examine the infrastructure itself, discussing the problems and advantages of linked open data.

After the training, you:
– will know how to navigate the Willebrands Archives;
– will know how to navigate the Lias search database;
– are aware of the advantages and problems of digitizing specific collections;
– are aware of the advantages and problems of linking collections within a wider infrastructure.

Q & A

At the end of the webinar, there will be time for your questions.

For Whom

The webinar is of interest to Vatican II, Catholic, and ecumenism historians and scholars. It is also useful for those interested in or working with digital archives and digitization, and larger research infrastructures in general.


Registration is closed.


The webinar is part of a series of RESILIENCE webinars focusing on its future TNA (Transnational Access) program. Read more about the series here.