News 13 July 2023

RESILIENCE Welcomes New Georgian University as an Observer

During the General Assembly of RESILIENCE, convening in Bologna, an agreement was signed giving New Georgian University (Poti, Georgia) the status of observer.

The signing was the result of negotiations with the university, motivated by RESILIENCE’s wish to establish relationships with institutions in countries that are not yet represented in the consortium. One of the efforts of New Georgian University (NGU) in the coming period will be to engage activities towards a national research infrastructure membership. From its side, RESILIENCE grants the university access to meetings, services and sources, whereas it will allow NGU to participate in the next phase of the project. NGU is already active in RESILIENCE by offering Transnational Access fellowships.

The agreement was signed during RESILIENCE’s annual General Assembly by H.E. Metropolitan Grigoli (Berbichashvili) and Prof. Alberto Melloni (Fscire). We asked prof. Dr. Giorgi Khuroshvili, Deputy Director of the Archive of Caucasian Philosophy and Theology of New Georgian University, what he expects from becoming an observer:


Herman Selderhuis (Theological University of Apeldoorn): “The participation of New Georgian University in RESILIENCE means a further strengthening of the research infrastructure as it opens up ways to important sources and new possibilities for a TNA fellowship.”

Visual, left to right: Herman Selderhuis (Theological University of Apeldoorn, H.E. Metropolitan Grigoli (Berbichashvili) and Prof. Alberto Melloni (Fscire)