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Second Webinar of the Series RESILIENCE Goes Balkans!

14 January 2021

A Sofia University Open Webinar, January 14, 2021 about the role of RESILIENCE in the Balkans, entitled: “EU Enlargement and Linguistic Challenges in the Balkans”.


“EU Enlargement and Linguistic Challenges in the Balkans”



University of Sofia (Bulgaria).



January, 14, 2021, starting 10.30 h Sofia time (09.30 h CET).



The Goals of the webinar include:

a) To describe the role of the RESILIENCE project in raising the awareness for researchers, NGO’s and expert groups on linguistic, religious and historical issues in Balkan area that could undermine the enlargement of the European Union.

b) Presenting how RESILIENCE as a future Research Infrastructure could stimulate and enhance the research on the various languages, and the religious or historical issues in the EU.

c) Presentation of the case study from Bulgaria as an example of how knowledge of religious and cultural history could support political negotiations. What politicians want and how academia/experts respond.

d) Participants indicate their future expectations how RESILIENCE consortium tools and data can support them in doing their research.



Invited speakers include: RESILIENCE partners (especially from Albania, Bosnia and Greece); Religious Studies scholars and theologians; certain NGOs’ and Academic Associations’ members. Total estimated number of invited speakers 5-6, with dedicated time for exchange on the topic and presentations and for further discussion.



Online Participation.

The Zoom meeting is open to anyone (academics, researchers, Religious Studies scholars, journalists, policy makers etc.) interested in the study of religion, language and culture today. Prior communication with the host institution (University of Sofia: Prof. Anna-Maria Totomanova or Dobromir Dobrev) or with one of the RESILIENCE partners is necessary for registration by January 11, 2021 the latest.

The Zoom call will be launched prior to the event and will be available after email communication – for registration write to your country RESILIENCE partner or directly to Dobromir Dobrev.

The working language will be English.



2-2,30 hours, including presentations of 15 minutes with focus on the Balkan area (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Greece and of course other RESILIENCE partners with interesting experience on the topic of the event); brief introduction by the hosts (University of Sofia); presentations by the academics in the field of Religious Studies, language, history, political studies; discussion, etc.


Visual: Robert Atanasovski/AFP via Getty Images