News 22 January 2024

Security Management Plan and Software Development Plan Template Ready for Implementation

RESILIENCE’s Security Management Plan and Software Development Plan Template, delivered by Fscire, are ready for implementation.

Security Management Plan

The Security Management plan defines all aspects of the working practices of the project to guarantee secure delivery. It is a comprehensive document that encompasses the entirety of the project’s security landscape. The plan covers not just the technical nuances of software development and deployment, but also the operational, administrative, and physical aspects of security.

Software Development Plan Template

The Software Development Plan Template (SDP) for RESILIENCE is an essential instrument that serves to delineate a solid, scalable, and secure structure for the provision of software products and services to the community of researchers in Religious Studies. Recognizing the heterogeneous landscape of research on religion, and RESILIENCE’s objective to offer its community a high quality user experience, it is imperative that the tools and services developed under this umbrella will be crafted with precision, adaptability, and reliability. Among others, the SDP will ensure consistency and standardization across all (non in-kind) software projects for the RESILIENCE central infrastructure, having a significant focus security and privacy embedded within the software products. The template itself is an elaborate questionnaire. The SDP can be applied to in-kind contributions, as well as inhouse created resources.