News 04 May 2023

The Codex Purpureus Beratinus as A Bridge Between East and West

In the webinar on the famous Codex Purpureus Beratinus, given by Prof. Shaban Sinani of the Academy of Sciences in Albania, the codex was introduced as a bridge between East and West, and between Antiquity and Modern Era. The recordings of this webinar are online available.

The Codex Purpureus Beratinus is one of the seven oldest religious manuscripts in Albania, in purple parchment and in uncial writing, all in silver and gold. Professor Shaban Sinani gave a large and exhaustive presentation on the content, history, and restoration of this Codex.

Watch the video to learn more about the codex:


The webinar was offered as a result of the collaboration between RESILIENCE consortium partner Albanian University and the Academy of Sciences of Albania.

Prof. Assoc. Dr. Genta Rexha presented to the attendees the research infrastructure RESILIENCE, which aims to highlight through these activities the hidden treasures of the Albanian religious culture, to make them available to all researchers, scholars, and stakeholders.