News 05 January 2023

Working for the Second Vatican Council and Humanity, so that We May be More United

Artur Kasprzak (Warsaw) spent two weeks research in Bologna on the Second Vatican Council as part of the the RESILIENCE TNA Program. In a video he shares his research findings, mentioning the relevance for the council and for humanity.

Artur Kasprzak: “Researching the Second Vatican Council is always for me a real hope for the future of humanity. In analyzing the thought of the texts contained in the conciliar sources of FSCIRE in Bologna, I have the impression of directly touching a new Pentecost for the church and all humanity that we are all in all diversity.”

In a letter of the famous prior of Taizé Roger Schultz, he discovers an opening of perspectives that are quite extraordinary, because they give a vision of unity of all humanity. According to Artur Kasprzak, the letter is about ecumenism, i.e. the unity of Christians.

In this video he tells us more about his research findings:

Artur Kasprzak is affiliated with the Faculty of Theology in University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski in Warsaw. He is one of the 13 scholars who made use of the first RESILIENCE TNA (Transnational Access) fellowship stays. The fellowship stay was coordinated by Fscire in Bologna.