The Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion (NOSTER) is the main platform for research and training in the fields of theology and religious studies in the Netherlands and Flanders. It provides a national research context and training programme for about 150 senior researchers, 100 PhD candidates and 50 ReMA students. Twelve universities participate in NOSTER.


Academic Mission

NOSTER offers a cutting-edge and challenging curriculum in theology and religious studies for junior researchers (ReMA students and PhD candidates), building upon and complementing what the graduate schools of their home institutions have on offer. The programme has three major objectives:
A) Advanced understanding: providing further training in the skills and techniques of the sub-disciplines in which participants usually operate;
B) Broadening your horizon: familiarising junior researchers with various forms of research and research methodology, offering a wide variety of perspectives from both theology and religious studies;
C) Community building: contributing to the formation of a national academic community in the field of theology and religious studies by stimulating interaction and exchange between junior and senior researchers, sensitising them to innovative disciplinary and interdisciplinary developments and developing theoretical and methodological alternatives.
In addition, NOSTER stimulates new initiatives and explorations in research and provides a national platform for fostering communication between the participating institutes with a view to engaging in short- and long-term research collaboration.

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