RESILIENCE seeks synergy by establishing relationships with observers and associated partners.


RESILIENCE is interested in enlarging the present consortium with organizations that can strengthen the RI and can add additional value to the services RESILIENCE offers to the academic and non-academiccommunity. The aim of the enlargement in this Preparatory Phase (2022-2026) is to have – starting 2026 –
an ERIC with strong and suitable members as supportive stakeholders as well as with cooperating partners and associate partners.

Types of Participation

RESILIENCE is interested to enlarge the number of stakeholders, which are supportive to RESILIENCE within that legal framework.

At present RESILIENCE works with two levels  of participation:

  1. countries/governments;
  2. intergovernmental organizations;
  3. academic organizations cq institutions, which are e.g. interested in having their government apply for membership.

Rights: Attendance at the General Assembly and other bodies and working units, but with no voting rights.

The Specimen Observer Agreement can be downloaded here.

Associate Partners (third parties)

Other RIs, commercial institutions, GLAM-institutions, national and international academic institutions or scientific communities, consortia of institutions, academic institutions including those from outside the ESFRI community.
Rights: Participation in the working units; observing status in governance bodies.

Agreements with associate partners are tailor-made, depending on the intensity of participation.

Criteria for Participation

  1. Ability and willingness to contribute to RESILIENCE by providing expertise, services, resources and/or technology.
  2. Proven quality of data and services.
  3. Access provided to data and content is sustainable and in accordance with the principles of open science.

Benefits of Participation

  • Shared expertise.
  • More efficient and better services.
  • Common technology.
  • Better access to European funding.
  • Easy & safe deposit of research data.
  • Increased visibility.
  • Training possibilities.
  • Stronger connection between data users and data providers.

Position Paper Enlargement RESILIENCE

The above text can be found in the Position Paper Enlargement RESILIENCE, accepted by RESILIENCE’s General Assembly,

Observer Agreement

Read here the specimen Observer Agreement.


For more information: contact Herman Selderhuis, chair of the Enlargement Committee.


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