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Sofia University Library is the second largest library in Bulgaria. It possesses a rich collection of Bulgarian rare and old printed books (1806–1878), consisting of approximately 1600 units – books, newspapers and periodicals.

Sofia University Library

First editions of the most renowned authors and religious leaders from that age of the Bulgarian National Revival – Sophronius of Vratsa, Neophyte Rilski, Dr. Petar Beron, G.S. Rakovski and many others are preserved in its collections.

Sofia University Library rare and old printed books collection is divided into three parts:

  • Old printed, rare and valuable editions in foreign languages (16th–20th century), which consists of basic writings in different fields of knowledge – history, classical studies, philosophy, natural science, mathematics, law, art studies, etc. Among them are: the oldest book in the field of mathematics – Archimedis Syracusani philosophi ac geometrae excellentissimi Opera… (1544); the first book in Thracology – Histoire des rois de Thrace et de ceux du Bosphore cimmerien, eclaircie par les medailles by Felix Cary (1752); the first book in Slavic Studies – Institutiones linguae Slavicae dialecti veteris by Joseph Dobrovsky (1822) and so on and so forth.
  • Slavica Collection (1519–1922) comprises 862 units (old printed books, manuscripts of lectures and scientific monographs) from the period of 16th -17th cc. It includes rare and valuable editions in Slavic philology stored in Sofia University Library and represents the emergence of the Slavic philology as a leading discipline in the 19th century.
  • Stoyan Romanski Archive preserves all publications of the founder of the Bulgarian Library and Information Science Acad. Stoyan Argirov, manuscripts of his lectures and photographs from his personal archives.