Other Relevant Entities

Other religion-related libraries and archives in Aachen with which mikado has a close relationship:

University Libraries RWTH Aachen 

The libraries of the RWTH Aachen University, the largest technical university in Germany, is one of the outstanding libraries in North Rhine-Westphalia with 1.2 million books, a wide range of digital media and databases.

Institute of Catholic Theology at RWTH Aachen University and its Library

The Theology Branch is a spin-off of the RWTH University Library. Relevant special literature is kept here with 28.000 volumes and 49 current journals on theological topics.

Aachen Diocesan Archive and Diocesan Library  

The Episcopal Diocesan Archive , as the long-term memory of the Diocese of Aachen, documents the work of the Catholic Church in the area of the diocese today. It preserves the records from the diocese and cathedral administration as well as from parishes and other ecclesiastical institutions, including around 250 parish archives with their church registers dating back to the end of the 16th century as well as collections such as those on the Napoleonic diocese of Aachen, or photos. The catalogue can be accessed here.

The reference library of the Episcopal Diocesan Archives contains approximately 30,000 volumes. It is divided into a historical holding, which mainly comprises theological, liturgical, historical and legal works. This also includes about 80 incunabula, as well as a modern holding with a focus on diocesan, local and parish history, as well as liturgical books, prayer and devotional literature. The catalogue can be accessed here.

CAMECO Library 

The Catholic Media Council (CAMECO)  is a non-profit consultancy specialising in media and communications in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific. The CAMECO Library is a comprehensive collection of publications on international media assistance, development communication, media landscapes in the Global South, and religious communication. The catalogue can be accessed here.

Library of the Misereor Organisation 

The Misereor library  is a special in-house library for the subject areas of development cooperation and development policy with a special focus on church development work. Literature available in the library can be researched via the electronic catalogue. The stock consists of specialist books, articles from specialist journals, conference reports, annual reports of national and international organisations, church statements, statistics and grey literature, and it is possible to search for images in the photo database on site.