Other Relevant Entities Related to Volos

1. “Polimeros kai politropos” Blog

The blog Polimeros kai politropos (in many ways) is an initiative of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies. It was designed to serve as a space for dialogue and fruitful exchange of views for those who want to comment on current issues from a theological point of view or attempt to confront theology with the challenges of the modern world, reaching a wider, not necessarily academic audience. Thus, the blog aspires to include not only academic texts but also as many essays as it deems to promote Orthodox theology as well as the wider Christian thought.

2. Volos Academy Publications

The publishing program of the Academy with “Ekdotiki DĪ¹mitriados” includes the publication of its works (minutes of conferences and seminars, public lectures and events), but also independent works of wider theological and spiritual interest.