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Libraries and Archives

The Faculty of Theology of the University of Ljubljana has two libraries, one in Ljubljana and the other in Maribor, with a rich collection of theological, historical, religious and philosophical works.

The collections of the two theological libraries contain an extensive collection of literature on the history of the Church in Slovenia in various historical periods. The theological collections holds literature on exegetical and dogmatic issues and also materials on liturgy, sacraments, catechesis in Slovenia as well as spiritual and religious-ecclesiastical issues.

There is a rich collection of philosophical writings, ranging from original works to various translations into Slovenian. Special attention is paid to important Slovenian philosophers as well as to other European and Non-European authors.

The libraries of the Faculty of Theology also offer a rich collection of materials from the field of interreligious family therapy, developed by Prof. Christian Gostečnik. Another collection of literature relates to pedagogical issues, with Gestalt pedagogy standing out.

As part of your studies and research at the Faculty of Theology in Ljubljana, it is also possible to research in the Archiepiscopal Archives of Ljubljana  and to visit the diocesan library and the seminary library, which contain both old and rare works as well as more recent ones.

Within the framework of TNA, you also have access to the National and University Library of Ljubljana. with its comprehensive holdings of around 2.9 million media. As a university library it contains scientific literature for the University of Ljubljana, and as the national library of the Republic of Slovenia all works either edited or published in Slovenia, relating to Slovenia and written in Slovenian or by Slovenian authors.