Research Groups and Expertise

Get to know us a little better and find out what research groups and expertise we have here.

The Center for the Study of the Second Vatican Council

The Center for the Study of the Second Vatican Council consists of the conciliar documents of Belgian bishops and theologians, participating in the Council. The adjective Belgian refers both to those bishops and theologians being active in the country and the bishops and theologians who served the Church as missionaries.

Institute for the Study of Spirituality

The main purpose of the Institute for the Study of Spirituality is the study of Christian spirituality in its diversity of sources (literary and non-literary). The Institute focuses on the history and content of medieval spirituality and mysticism in the Low Countries. The preferred method is the study of the sources according to each author’s own terminology and his or her own hermeneutical framework.

Special Collections

The Maurits Sabbe Library puts a particular emphasis on religious history collection in Flanders. The Research Group “History of Christianity” has a close relationship with these special collections, which are also available for research.

Book Heritage Lab and Conservation

The Book Heritage Lab focuses on diagnosis and research of the material history of medieval and early modern paper and parchment artefacts, with a special focus on bookarcheology, production, preservation, scientific imaging and conservation. Research projects are realised in collaboration with the Imaging Lab of The Univeristy Library, the staff of the Faculty of Arts & the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, the team of Illuminare – Centre for the Study of Medieval Art – KU Leuven, the Maurits Sabbe Library and the KU Leuven University Library Special Collections.

Other Relevant Research Groups

  • Centre for the Study of Augustine, Augustinianism and Jansenism
  • LOCEOC – The Louvain Centre for Eastern and Oriental Christianity
  • Centre for Women’s Studies in Theology
  • Liturgical Institute
  • Academic Centre for Practical Theology
  • Centre for Peace Ethics
  • Centre for Catholic Social Thought
  • Research Group Theology in a Postmodern Context
  • Centre for Liberation Theologies
  • Centre for Ecumenical Dialogue
  • The Leuven center for the Study of the Gospels
  • Center of Septuagint Studies