Research Groups and Expertise Volos

Volos Academy has five special departments established by the decisions of the Board of the Directors of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies.

1. Department of Chanting Art and Musicology

The goals of the Department of Chanting Art and Musicology are the research, study, recording, preservation and promotion of Byzantine and post-Byzantine musical culture, particularly of the Ecclesiastical Chanting Art.

2. Department of the Study of the Manuscript Tradition of the New Testament

Its main purpose is the creation of a critical edition of the Byzantine text, used by the Eastern Orthodox Church as its liturgical text. Among its objectives are the finding, collecting, photographing, transcription and study of manuscripts (continuous text or eklogadia) that preserve the Byzantine text type.

3. Department of Canonical Theology

The Department aims to investigate, study and highlight issues such as the genesis and origins of the Canons, the Canonical tradition, and the Canonical Hermeneutic.

4. Department of Interreligious Studies

This Department studies the multifaceted religious phenomena in its modern diverse manifestations (focusing on the most familiar to the Greek area monotheistic religions of Judaism and Islam) by using the findings of the Religious Studies research as it has developed internationally.

5) Department of Research, Management and Maintenance of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments and Relics

This Department engages in the systematic study, recording, maintenance and exploitation of ecclesiastical monuments and relics (icons, wood carvings, manuscripts, miniature objects) both on the national as well as mainly on the local level.