Research Data Management

RESILIENCE Research Data Management covers topics such as storage and preservation of your research data during a project or thesis work, and ensures a sustainable initial planning as well as long-term archiving and sharing data and results.


RESILIENCE supports you to make your research data FAIR-by-design from the very beginning of your research. If you need digital data already available, RESILIENCE offers you services to be FAIR-compliant. (FAIR stands for Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable).

Identifiers and Interoperability

Moreover, services on making use of persistent identifiers and fostering interoperability between your data and the data of others are provided.

Long-term Storage and Availability

To make sure your data is still machine-readable and available in a few decades, RESILIENCE provides a full set of conversion routines to newer and more modern file formats as your originally used file formats might no longer be supported and readable.