Research-Enabling Services

The RESILIENCE Research-Enabling Services is a cluster of general services frequently used within Digital Religious Studies.

Multilingual Data Management and Domain-Ontologies

It includes services for Multilingual Data Management which can help you in making your dataset available in different languages. For modeling semantic spaces of your domain, RESILIENCE helps you with specific domain-ontologies.

Match-Making Service

If you need an expert to guide you or just give you some advice about your research project, RESILIENCE Research-Enabling Services includes a match-making service to connect you with an expert with a dedicated skill you need.


Also, RESILIENCE gives you structured and machine-readable access to chunks of text at any scale you want and need.

Search Index

The Research-Enabling Services support you in building a search index on your data and make them available to the scientific community.

Evaluation and Improvement

If interested, RESILIENCE offers you services to continuously evaluate your resources and constantly improve them.